Teacher: Mr. (Brad) Weilert

Text: Glencoe Science Interactions (course 2) and other reading materials (text, online)

This is a general curriculum science class. Information will be discussed in the physical, chemical, earth/space and life sciences. This is a lab based class with a good balance of content, demonstrations, and hands on activities. Understanding the logical sequence of several topics is integrated using the different disciplines of science. Some topics will include The Scientific Method, Forces and Pressure, Atoms and Elements, Energy and Reactions and Cells and Human body Systems. This class also participates in the Holton Middle School Science Fair.

Full credit will be given to work handed in within two class periods for every one day missed due to an excused absence. 50% within a week and 0% after that. There is NO make-up work for credit with unexcused absences. It is the students responsibility to get any and all missed work from me on their time and not class time. Responsibility is very important and assignments must be ready when due. No late work excepted!

Grades will be figured by finding both a CLASS and TEST percent. Each will contribute 50% to the grade average. This grade average can then be raised or lowered by up to 5% due to unused punches on cards or (+/-) marks earned during class time. This will give the final class percent. Negatives and positives are received for participation/behavior, various responsibilities and activity checks. Each mark is 1% and each unused punch is a +1/2%.