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11-1-06 Technology planning Committee meeting

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11-1-06 Technology planning Committee meeting
by Tad Hernandez - Wednesday, 1 November 2006, 6:21 PM
The meeting was called to order by Tom Sextro.

Present: Tom, Ralph, Kurt, Orin, Karen, Carri, Brent, Gloria, Sheila, Mary, Tad, Keith, Jason and Chris. Norma joined the meeting at 5:05. Lisa Joined the meeting at 5:20. Brad Weilert entered the meeting at 5:30. Brad left the meeting at 5:58.

There was a special item that was brought to the table. Tom presented an idea that he has shared with the leadership team and administrators. The opportunity to do a 1-1 laptop initiative. We have a short term opp. to purchase these computers that are the older model.

Tom presented a power point about how we currently do our technology planning and implementation.

On the Powerpoint, Tom showed that in 2001 we purchased 66 iBooks for a total of $66,000.

31 Teacher Powerbooks purchased in 2002 and $1,400 each
75 Classroom iMacs purchased in 2001 or before $900 each
8 Sec. computers purchased in 2002 at $1,400
Updated lab for middle school tech team teaching $25,000
Projected cost is $145,600 to update, replace things.

Tom handed out a sheet about the iBook 12" 1.3 combo drive computers that our Apple Rep. has contacted to us to be able to present to the district. Tom presented a proposal of an idea of how to pay for this. We currently have not technology leases. WE have had leases up to $85,210 for technology. Our technology budget is $250,000 per year. The proposal is to start a 4 year lease begining in July of 2007. There would be additional cost upgrades to implement these computers into the district.

1.) Network upgrades $15,000
2.) Xserve for management- $5,000
Repairs will be higher - ? Extended Warranty?
3.) Office would cost about $50 and there is also the option of NeoOffice
4.) Insurance- Safeare
5.) Sleaves would be required for laptop protection- $15ea
6.) Bandwidth costs would increase by $15,000 yearly
7.) Charging Stations/Batteries last about 2 years.

Discussion then turned to what are some of the advantages:
-Increase achievement
-Levels the playing field
-Can expect more from students
-Will possibly save on future textbook and workbooks costs
-The sky is the limit on the amount of learning opp. to use this type of tech. in the classroom.
Other discussion:
- Do we have enough staff to cover this
- We need to standardize on sometype of software (we are looking at word)
- Would there be any spares in the district if computers went out.

A decision would probably have to happen before the end of November.

Meeting closed at 6:20pm